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Strive To Improve The Living Environment Of Human Beings

We offer tailor-made solutions to cooling,Humidification, fight fires, dust Suppression, and odors control,Special Effects– and we do it with the help of water mist. The small droplets of water achieve a far better effect than conventional methods because they create a larger water surface.


We have grown from being a small local supplier into a highly-trusted international company with partners in more than 10 countries. We are one of the first-line suppliers in the environmental protection dust removal industry, providing a series of high-quality and reliable fog cannon products. With over 10 years of experience in the sector our customers enjoy a fast professional service and receive the best quality products. 


Strive to improve the living environment of human beings


We focus on creating value for our customers, building long-term business partnerships and providing clients with a high quality service and consistent product quality. We give our clients a competitive advantage in their specific market and business area with our innovative products and innovative solutions.

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Our promise​​

Every problem requires an individual solution. Right from the first consultation, we focus our planning according to our customers’ needs. We check the customer’s actual situation during an initial onsite inspection so that we can guarantee the optimal solution for the problem, whether it involves dust, odor, or fire control. Based on the knowledge gained during the visit, we create a solution.

One of our biggest strengths is our global after-sales service. You can contact us at any time regarding any questions or problems with the machinery or plant. Also, spare parts are delivered worldwide within the shortest time.

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